Team and Organizational
Development Programs

Teams and organizations face challenging times. That’s why organizations invest in leadership development: supporting their leaders to lead themselves, their teams and the rest of the organization. 

At TrailHaven, we specialize in incorporating a wilderness trail experience into your leadership development program: either at the start of your program, to quickly enable people to create deep personal bonds; in the middle, to address team alignment, execution or renewal challenges; or at the end of your program, to help participants integrate all lessons learned, celebrate success and end the program ‘on a high’.  

Our key skill is designing, delivering and facilitating the outdoor experience – but due to our backgrounds, we fluently speak the language of team and organizational development. We can help translate your business needs and leadership development agenda into highly effective, deeply impactful, and totally magical outdoor programs: from one-day workshops to week-long trekking expeditions. 

We are highly flexible, and do not believe in standard, off-the-shelf wilderness trail agendas: each program is designed, tailored, and customized to meet your unique needs. To this end, we will professionally engage with you, your program management and your leadership, from initial intake conversations to joint trail design sessions to individual or group participant briefings to final trail preparations and post-trail evaluations.  

We can handle all trail arrangements, including venue search, event management and any travel bookings – freeing you up to focus on your organization’s developmental needs. We can bring our experienced event managers to the wilderness trail venue, as well as ensure onsite dedicated medical support if needed – participant care and safety is our foremost concern! 

Please contact us to learn more about our approach to Team and Organizational Development, and how our different wilderness trail formats fit in.


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